Hello, I'm Casey.

I build companies that help people pursue their dreams and live fulfilled lives.

About Me

Currently, I’m building a company called Flowful. Flowful works with coaches, therapists, and clients to accelerate people's growth.

Are you similarly passionate about using technology to support personal development?

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My Background

I spent my 20’s in China, where I co-founded China’s first person-to-person microfinance platform, called Wokai (if you’re familiar with Kiva.org, Wokai was a “Kiva for China”). Over the 5 years that I ran Wokai:

  • We supported thousands of people in rural China to start small businesses and lift themselves and their families out of poverty.
  • We grew the organization to 8 team members in Beijing and over 250 volunteers in 20 Chapters in major cities around the world.
  • In 2010, I was named “Most Influential Foreigner in China” by China Newsweek in recognition for my efforts in building Wokai.
  • Over the next 10 years, the loan capital donated via Wokai.org will impact the lives of over 30,000 individuals in rural China.

After returning to the States, I dedicated myself to learning to code, with the goal of being able to craft the technology of companies that I built in the future. I developed a foundation in Frontend Web Development and Ruby on Rails, then worked as a full-stack web developer at Popexpert.com (an online marketplace for coaches and personal development courses) and Rise.us (a 1-on-1 personal dietician app) as well as developed and taught an intensive course to teach product managers to code at Product School.

Today, at Flowful, we’re building our second iteration, attempting to achieve product market fit by using technology to accelerate the the growth of people working with coaches and therapists. I’d love to meet anyone working in this industry who's passionate about happiness and personal development. Email me at casey@flowful.me, if you’d like to chat.

Web Development Projects

Here are a few of the full-stack development projects I've built over the past few years.


Through my efforts with Wokai, I was lucky enough to be recognized as the Most Influential Foreigner in China in 2010 by China Newsweek and one of the 100 highest potential social entrepreneurs in Asia under 30 by the Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship in 2009.

Below are two videos where you can see me evangelizing Wokai in English and Chinese and here are some links to interviews on CBS and Bloomberg.

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